Anca Bolohan

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Back in high school and during college, when my classmates, as any other teenagers, were looking forward to the school breaks to have fun and relax, I used to excitedly anticipate going back to work on a Habitat for Humanity building site. It started as a fun thing to do with a few of my friends, but once I got to meet other volunteers from all over the world and got to actually experience what it was like to help build a home for someone in need, I got hooked. So much so that 13 years later I've volunteered on countless work sites across Romania, ended up becoming an architect and upgraded from a part time volunteer to a full time professional working on improving the living conditions in my country.

However bad the housing conditions might be in my country, most of the time they pale in comparison to the ones in Malawi, where poverty is prevalent and about four out of five families live in substandard homes with little hope of ever being able to afford a decent house and in conditions that put the families at high risk of all kinds of diseases.

So, once again, I wish to spend my holidays lending a hand and bringing some hope to a community in need. With your help and your donation I will be able to be part of a Habitat for Humanity Romanian volunteer team that will travel to Malawi in late October 2019 to build 2 homes for two vulnerable families.The raised sum will cover part of the cost of the materials used to build the houses, a donation to support the activity of both Habitat for Humanity Malawi and Habitat for Humanity Romania, as well as my volunteer expenses consisting of travel, lodging and meals.

Thank you for reading my story and for your generosity!